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          SHE LOVES ME


            Grandstreet Theatre, 2015

Director: Jeff Downing

Scenography: Jeff Downing

Assistant Scenic Design: Matthew Gibbons

Technical Director: Matthew Gibbons

Photos by: Kurt Keller

The director's vision was based on his previous "She Loves Me" design.  He wanted to build the design around an intricate patterned floor and a revolving door.

Our interpretation ultimately used a revolving door itself mounted within a revolving stage.  An intricate pastel pattern was used both on the floor and scenic surround.

As assistant designer, I developed Photoshop renderings and adjusted them based on the director's feedback to clarify the pattern and palette of the design.  I then used these renderings to create paint elevations, and direct both the construction and painting of these elements.

The video at right demonstrates the revolving door and stage in use.

Video produced and edited by Matthew Gibbons using Wondershare Filmora.

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